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Partnership Improvement Plans

There are several public sector agencies working together with the community to plan and deliver better public services which will make a real difference to people’s lives, ensuring national and regional improvements and priorities reach local and neighbourhood levels.

In addition to the overarching Community Plan there are four improvement plans working to promote and achieve the LOIP produced by the four CPP Strategic Boards:

Community Plan

  • Community Plan_2017-2027- driving forward the work by partnership agencies to promote all aspects of community planning.

Partnership Improvement Plans

  • Health and Social Care Partnership - the community planning work being carried out in Health and Social Care under the South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board, especially given the increased demands on services due to an ageing population.
  • Economic Growth - ensuring the Partnership focuses on boosting the local economy to achieve the long term growth necessary to improve the lives of South Lanarkshire's residents.
  • GIRFEC Community Planning Partnership - Getting it Right for Every Child - progress developing strong partnerships to fundamentally improve outcomes for children and young people.
  • Safer South Lanarkshire - improving community safety by focusing on contributory factors concentrated within certain areas and specific groups experiencing inequality and disadvantage.

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